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Change Log

Version 1.21

  1. UPDATE: Google modified its page layout again. Had to change the algo to compensate.

Version 1.2

  1. UPDATE: Google modified their page layout. Updated keyword snatching function to match.

Version 1.19

  1. BUG FIX: Clipboard operation failed if page results were empty.

Version 1.18

  1. UPDATE: Google changed their page layout again. Had to adjust the parsing function to accomodate.

Version 1.17

  1. UPDATE: Google changed the way they display keywords. Keyword Snatcher updated to accomodate.

Version 1.16

  1. UPDATE: Google changed the page I was getting the Niche Generator keywords from. KS is now getting the Niche Generator keywords from Google Trends, which is updated hourly.

Version 1.15

  1. FIX: Updated Niche Keyword Generator to reflect changes with Google, so it's working now.

Version 1.14

  1. BUG FIX: Problem with Google Instant prevented results from Google for some users.

Version 1.12

  1. ADDED: Dialog box asking whether to copy all keywords or just the checked keywords when you click Copy Keywords to Clipboard

    Version 1.11

    1. ADDED: Ask search suggestions.
    2. ADDED: Amazon search suggestions.

    Version 1.10

    1. Major Google performance improvement.

    Version 1.09

    1. Bug fix version.

    Version 1.08

    1. HUGE ADDITION: Keyword Snatcher no longer ties up your keyboard. You can minimize it and get to work.
    2. Performance tweaks make Keyword Snatcher run much faster now.
    3. If you want to REALLY see performance, select Yahoo and run your keywords only using Yahoo.

    Version 1.07

    1. ADDED: Base keywords are now prefixed with alphanumeric characters as well as suffixed. This often greatly increases the number of keywords discovered.
    2. ADDED: Set base address to go through to prevent redirecting to other countries.

    Version 1.06

    1. BUG FIX: Error thrown when some characters were found in keywords (most notably the plus + sign)

    Version 1.05

    1. Forced US country code on Bing when USA is selected.

    Version 1.04

    1. Bug fix for international users.

    Version 1.03

    1. Added debug capture function.

    Version 1.01

    1. ADDED: Throttle bar for setting Slower/Faster keyword collection.
    2. ADDED: File and Help menu items.
    3. Improve keyword collection code.

    Version 1.0

    1. Initial release version.


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